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Title: Some very helpful features
Post by: FFaranna on March 09, 2010, 09:28:33 am
Hello everyone.

I'm using Keyshot since yesterday  ;) And I have already a nice list of things that could be improved or added. Maybe some of them are already integrated, but I didn't find it. In this case I would appreciate some hints were to find it :)

Alpha/Shadow Materials
This feature is a huge benefit when composing some special elements later in post. I had to do a car yesterday and the headlights had a very long rendertime. When I changed the HDRI rotation or a material of the body, I had to either render the whole image again, or to hide some elements and cut it out in post. It is very helpful if you can apply a "alpha material" or give a part the attribute to affect the alpha channel, so you can render out single elements, layers, parts, etc.

Render Channels
Another feature for further post processing. It would be great to render out single channels, like z-depth or reflection channel etc to have control after rendering.

Network Rendering
I see, that this is in progress. Here it would be nice to choose between something like distributed rendering and the possibility to let render different images/frames on the renderslaves. Network Rendering is essential. It's very very helpful to have such render-times during shading, placing the hdri, etc. But the final rendering should be done faster, too. We have 5 renderslaves here. How will you handle the network licences? Will there be a pack of licences included in the future? Or do we have to purchase them?

Material-, Object- and Layer- Explorer
There should be a way to get a better overview of the materials, objects and layers. It's very long-winded when you have to hide the windows of a car to reach the seats to select them and apply a material to them. It would be easier with a window with a list of all objects/parts in the scene. And then to select them or apply a material directly to it. Or select objects/part by material, or select materials by parts, etc. Material overview for materials used in scene, etc. All of this fancy stuff which speeds up working :)

Transform Gizmos, for move, rotate and scale, with snapping-function to a grid which can be defined by a user is very helpful for arranging some objects! It's also more user-friendly when you want to place decals to your objects!

Camera Import/Export
We could use an import/export feature for cameras of the most used 3d packages. In our case, the client had already defined a camera position in 3ds max. We had to recreate the position by eye. The export feature can be useful for further post-work. If you want to include particles f.e. in your scene.

Material Exchange
How about a community where people can share their self-created materials? How about a feature that enables to import and export materials for exchange ;)

That's it for now. More will come I think :)