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Title: Linking Multi-Materials
Post by: swNapoleon16 on April 29, 2019, 10:36:01 am
Currently Using KeyShot 8.2
On a iMAC Pro Desktop

My Question:
Can I link The Multi-materials together?

I know i can link my regular materials. So if i change one piece of a leather bag to brown all the other brown pieces will change too. However, can i link multi-materials in regular view similar to how we do in KeyShot Viewer.  So in KeyShot Viewer I can Create a color way EX: Black and then link sub materials to that. So, When i select black in viewer everything that would be associated with that black color way would automatically change.

Is there a way to do this outside of KeyShot Viewer? Like in regular view? So when i go to render still images, turn tables, ETC.. I could select "Black" and everything associated with the Black color way of this object would also change with it?

I know i can click all the individual pieces for Multi-Materials separately, but wanted to see if there was a way to more so stream line this with just a click of a button or some extra setting i don't know about