Author Topic: normalRGB material from Zbrush?  (Read 2467 times)

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normalRGB material from Zbrush?
« on: March 16, 2015, 09:02:15 am »
Is it possible to render the same camera based normal pass as normalRGB material allows to do in Zbrush?   Maybe some trick or workaround?

I see camera mapping for Z axis falloff ( in trial version) ,    need to have screen X and Y  yet  . Maybe 3 separate renders ?

In zbrush I  need to do "best" mode to have correct normal colors.    How it transfers to Keyshot?        Is there any trick to do it right?

What if I keep normal and depth passes for Zbrush internal render .  Will they match " beauty" one from Keyshot 100%?   including  hairs subdivision and rendering?         
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