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Started by Chris Rosewarne, May 23, 2014, 07:35:20 AM

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Chris Rosewarne

I'm having an issue at the moment with zooming, I'm trying to zoom closer to my model, the camera distance is at 0 yet I'm about 30 feet away in the actual scene, I'm not using a wheel mouse, have a Wacom pen but even using the trackpad seems to show like I've hit an invisible wall. Is there a setting that I don't know of? It seems like I need to go into negative values but I can't scroll any more past 0

Love to hear your thoughts




When you rotate around your model, is the centre of rotation the part that you are tying to zoom in to? If you, right click the part and select 'look at' this would centre the point of rotation on that object and allow you to zoom in close.


Chris Rosewarne

Hi Niels, will give this a try, I had to go into absolute mode to get closer....



Try to do auto focus option in it.