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Started by jbeau, October 26, 2010, 10:35:33 AM

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The IOR should be able to be set to 0 to turn off reflection 100%. This is important when you want to extract falloff colors or metallic flake separately, while shuffling in a reflection pass in post. Currently the shader still has reflections with IOR set to .1 which still reflects. This makes falloff colors and flake passes impossible at the moment forcing an RGB pass.

Speaking of an RGB pass; with the highest GI/shadow settings and sharp shadows = on, I still see dithering or perhaps AA issue on objects that have thin lined shadows. IE license plate edges, sheet metal coming together, or extruded text. 

Cool job on the flake parameter, btw!


Correct, because it is paint. That's why it reflects.

Yes - we know about the GI issues. When you use the realtime render mode these are gone.


How about making a shader that has two colors without reflection? I don't mind swapping materials to get a proper renderpass ;D Main issue is that I need to isolate a reflection and RGB pass because I want to apply running changes to my reflections. IE, retouch to my reflections, via painting or normal maps. Once these changes are approved, then I can apply the reflection without having to repaint/relight the reflection for each color.