Keyshot is not importing the camera angle/position from Sketchup.

Started by Richman, March 25, 2010, 09:16:09 PM

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Keyshot is not importing the camera angle/position from Sketchup.  In Hypershot it did. 

Please help.



You are correct. This functionality requires a plugin for SketchUp (just as in the case of HyperShot). This
plugin is currently under development.


Is SketchUp plugin still under development? We are waiting. Help us.



Yes, I, too am waiting for the SketchUp plugin.

BTW, major props to you guys. I just purchased one of those small MacBook Air notebooks, my first Mac in a long time, and KeyShot runs wonderfully on it. I'll typically use my Win 7 64-bit desktop for major stuff, but when I'm out of town with the Mac, it's nice to have a choice. Thanks!



I got the 11" one. I want to compile some apps for my iPad and needed a Mac. Originally bought the 64Gb version, but once I got home and realized KeyShot would actually run on it, I went back and traded up for the 128Gb one. It's not too fast, but can do some small renders when needed. Sweet.


When can we expect this plugin?  Keyshot just isn't practical for architectural rendering until this happens.  Any idea other than "soon"?


You can always import SketchUp files, the only thing is that you won't have the cameras. The plugin is in the queue, but I can't give an ETA just yet.