Problem with labels not appearing on duplicate parts

Started by si, December 08, 2010, 06:36:51 AM

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I am building a number of similar models that each have their own bip files and all use the same labels. Many of them also share the same part files imported from my CAD software (Solid Edge). So far I have been doing renderings for each individual file, but soon I am going to want to group a few models into the same bip file, and have them all lined up with the same labelling in place.

I find that importing the bip version of the model allows it to keep all of the materials and textures that I had set for it, but labels do not seem to transfer in the same way. It seems that if another model file uses the same part from Solid Edge, only one will still have the label I assigned to it.

As an example (see attached pictures), I created a simple ball shape and imported this into Keyshot. I then applied label "A" (.png) to the surface, and saved this as a bip file. I opened a new bip file, and chose file > import to bring in the ball with the label I just saved. I tried importing the same model again, but the second models label was now missing. I tried adding another label ("B") into the scene, but I found that the second label would only attach to the surface of the first ball. After moving around the label some more, I found that it could be moved over to the second ball, but would bring label A with it! So it seems that you can only put the labels on one copy of the part at a time.

I'm assuming that if I create part copies in Solid Edge before I import to Keyshot then that will resolve this problem, but is it likely that this can be looked at in an update, because in terms of keeping files I don't want to be making hundreds of part copies!!


It's a bug. All you need to do is double click on the imported object, go to the labels tab, and toggle the "enable" checkbox off and then back on. This should make the label visible.