Plugin for Combustion animation

Started by Detox, July 01, 2015, 02:14:25 AM

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Hello guys,

I was just wondering if there is any "cheap" or free software where I can animate a combustion above my pistons. Some guy here told me MAYA or MAX will be good.

Any other recommendations or ideas? Or anybody who has done this before?

Kind regards,

DetoX  :)




Did not know you can animate combustions with Blender  ???

Thank you Martin!


You can render and animate almost anything and everything with Blender, it's just its seriously non standard UI that is a serious barrier for most and makes the learning curve steeper than it needs be. However you will also get particle effects and animated materials so creating the explosion flash and then the resulting exhaust gas cloud should be doable, but for God's sake please don't ask me to help on that because I wouldn't know where to even start :)

If the project gets completed i'd be seriously interested in seeing it !!