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Started by geoffgeoffmarsh, November 17, 2010, 01:31:48 AM

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Hi all,

HyperShot had a great function whereby it recognised different coloured surfaces (assigned in Pro-E or SolidWorks) as different parts. This allowed for different areas of the same part to be assigned different materials in HyperShot (e.g great to show masked off spray painted areas or texture breaks).

I now work in a different company, where Siemans NX is the CAD tool of choice. KeyShot doesn't allow NX files to be imported directly, so I've been converting them to .step files, then importing them. This doesn't seem to recognise the colour breaks I'm assigning in NX.

Q1) Does KeyShot have the same functionality as HyperShot whereby it recognises different coloured surfaces as different 'parts'?

Q2) If it does, what format/save options should I use when exporting from NX that will allow me to work in this way?

Q3) If no, what would be the recommended work around?

Looking forward to you reply,

Geoff Marsh


@Q1) Yes it does. The problem here is that NX's STEP exporter doesn't support color information.

@Q2) Can you export to Solid Edge from NX by any chance? You can also try IGES, but I'm afraid it will give you the same results.

Otherwise, you will need to break out the surface as a separate part in an assembly.


Aha - I’ve sussed it.

When you export the .step file in NX, tick the ‘Export Product Data’ box.

When importing into KeyShot tick the ‘Retain Materials (beta)’ box.

Now different surfaces within a single part can be differentiated (like how I’ve always used HyperShot with SolidWorks/Pro-E). = easy texture/spray breaks.