Importing new data in all scene sets

Started by Macheat, June 30, 2015, 05:23:40 AM

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I have a question regarding scene sets. When I import or update my data set while working with different scene sets, the new parts only show up in the standard scene set and I canĀ“t find a solution to copy it to the others. Can anyone help me there? Thanks in advance,


(I use the scene sets for diefferent material proposals and wnat the parts to be the same everywhere)


I'm wondering the same as well. It'd be nice to be able to "copy and paste" models between scene sets.

I was just working on something today and ran into it.
I have like 20 scene sets so I can have different components called out for a familiarization video. But the model was missing a couple pieces that I have now found. Currently that means importing, moving into position, and applying materials 20 times over. Would be nice/save a lot of time and effort to just do it once and then copy it over or apply it to the other scene sets.