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Started by Robb63, November 18, 2010, 04:49:36 PM

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I have been trying most of the day to get a color that is close to the finish of this and have had no luck. Can anyone suggest a way to do it? I've tried metallic paint, plastic with a fleck texture but none of them really come close.

Brian Townsend

Hi Robb,

That material looks like it has a couple layers to it to create that look.  The first layer is a metallic paint type material with a bit of bump and roughness to it.  The next layer is a polished clear coat.  So what you get is a bit of surface disruption on the first layer with sharp reflections on the top.  This can be achieved by using a metallic paint with a bump map and roughness.  The bump map I used was 'Felt_bump.jpg' which comes with KeyShot.  If the bump height or scale is off, simply use the sliders to tone it down or increase it.

Next, a label that is an image filled with white set to around 20% opacity can be used to simulate the polished clear coat. You will want to set the label projection type to 'box map' and ensure 'repeat' is enabled.  (I have included this in the zip file below)

You can control the intensity of the reflections on your clear coat by adjusting the specular color and IOR of the label.  Be careful with increasing the IOR, because the higher you go, the more you simulate a metallic surface and you will notice that the vibrant blue below will become more desaturated as less light is scattered across the surface and more becomes reflected.  

Lighting will play an important role as well.  You will probably want to make sure there is something in your environment that will create sharply defined reflections.

Here is an example image, scene file and screenshot of the material settings.  Does this help?  Please let us know if you have any questions.



Holy Crap!! That is perfect! Thank you so much.
I never knew about this technique. Something else for my bag of tricks.

Another example of the amazing help available here, not to mention the amazing software too!

Brian Townsend

Glad that technique worked for you!  If anything else comes up, just let us know!