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Bubblegum Race Car

Started by Rabe, January 09, 2013, 01:07:12 PM

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Had a request for this scene - all in all its pretty basic, but I was pleased with the simple results it produced!

Dropbox link:
GrabCAD links: (car body) (wheels)




Looks great - like it has been 3D printed.


Thanks Thomas!  There was a bit of post that went into it, basically just making everything look a bit more vibrant, darkening the shadows, and adding the lens blur... nothing that couldn't have been set up on a first pass through KeyShot - but unfortunately I didn't think about it prior to rendering.  :)  Glad you like it!


My personal interpretation of a candy car.  ;D



Never thought I'd say this about one of your renders, but I could eat one of these ...  ;D

There is no scale reference so that would take me all between 1 and 10 days  :P



Holy crap man that looks awesome!  I need to figure out how to pull off a true "hard candy" style look... you definitely nailed it there. 


I was interested in viewing this scene but the download link is not working.

Thank you in advance