WF5 x64, Windows Vista x64 & Plugin Trouble

Started by Skint, November 24, 2010, 08:02:17 AM

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Hello All

New user here, switched over from Bunkspeed which is pants!  ::)   Good to see some familiar names around here!

I am using Pro-e WF5 x64 on Windows Vista 64.
I have the following images when trying to install the plugin and also when I start up WF5.

Any Ideas ?
Can somebody upload a working protk.dat file ?

Protk.dat located in pro-e/text dir :

NAME       KeyShot
STARTUP    dll



Dir you check, which environment variables from KeyShot exist?
Modify the path in the protk.dat file yourself!

Regards, DonChunior


Hi, I had tried Bunkspeed's Shot...just only demo version, of course:)

So...Bunkspeed also provided their Pro/E plug-in...Did you install it?
If yes, it may be annoying you.
Start the Bunkspeed's plug-in setup program again,
then you will see the choice "Modify" "Repair" "Remove".
Once removed it, try Luxion's installer again.

Also you may check whether your Luxion's intaller is latest or not.
I have two versions of Luxion's one is bigger size,
and has the time stamp at 17:28 Apr. 11th, 2010.

I hope your Pro/E life will be more shining!


Hi both,

Thanks for the reply however.. as you can see above in the image, when I try to start the setup program for the plug-in I get the message saying that a newer version is already installed.  If this is the case then why doesnt it work or how do I physically remove it to try again  ???

EDIT:  Bum-speed seem to have removed thier plugin files from download too !  :-[


I am having the same problem.
The plugin was working fine on my 32 bit system but not on my 64 bit.
Your protk file is identical to mine.
I don't know where to go from here....


Hi George,

Im guessing that it`s something to do with my "bunkspeed" plug-in that was previously installed with hypershot... but I cant seem to locate the file to remove it, and the bunkspeed pages have removed the links to the file so I cant "repair, Remove" it that way either.

Pffft ! ???


FIX !!  ;D

The only way I managed to fix this was to go into :

Control Panel
Add/remove programs
Remove ALL Hypershot and Bunkspeed ascociated plug in files... there were 2 !
Re-install keyshot plug in

Works !!



George,  you sure you got the x64 bit plug-in  ;D  ::)

Strange it was working on x32 but now not on x64.


We have not heard anything else in this regard. It works fine.