Author Topic: Custom WS - 5930k - Win7pro 64bit - std clock - ks5 & ks6 beta results  (Read 2874 times)

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Offline Arian Shamil

Hi to all!
I'm testing my new diy workstation :)
The system is composed by:

Fractal design r5
Asus X99-S
5930K Standard clock
Noctua H14 cooler
32 Gb gskill ddr4
Quadro M4000
SSD 256gb
and other discs

Ks5 bench = 86.4
Ks6 beta test = 102.0

The highest cpu temperature recorded during rendering (full load) was of 53 celsius (127 fahrenheit) degrees :) 

I'm very happy with this new system and I'm happy too looking the speed improvment of Ks6 (near the 15% faster than ks5)

Well done Luxion :)