Author Topic: How to be sure of SU model importing size  (Read 7652 times)

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How to be sure of SU model importing size
« on: November 23, 2015, 09:13:43 am »
Hi ,
I use SketchUp for making models with mm units so 1 unit is 1mm. When I  try to import the model to KeyShot , the unit is scaled to smaller. For example, If I intend to add an area light, it looks too shiny so I always have to adjust it smaller and smaller and also the HDRI environment becomes so big to my scene and the same process for it.

Is there any way to adjust scale units in Keyshot before importing the scene? I always use mm unit.

Thanks so much in advance,


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Re: How to be sure of SU model importing size
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2016, 02:35:12 am »
always import the file with scale as automatic... n if u want to add anything to the model then put the scale to (scale as previous import)... this should probably solve your problem....

since keyshot is primarily used for id or pd rendering, architectural scales can b too huge for keyshot.. this can b a way to tackle this problem