Cant get camera angle right

Started by rudemartini, September 08, 2011, 09:18:28 PM

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Greetings to all in the forum, yes a newbie question, dont know how I am missing this, but I searched the forum and don't see it listed.

I am trying to get distance reflection shots of my model on the floor and I cant find a way to get in close to it with any of the camera settings. I dont want a tiny model from a distance I want to fill the window with the model.

The model always seems to be at the very bottom of the viewing window and when I try to zoom in it drops the model out of view. How can I get the model to stay at the top of the window so I can get a good distance shot with alot of the floor showing. I want to reflect the entire model across the floor.

The only way I can get this close up is to unsnap from the floor and move the y to 3.5 above the floor.

I am sure it is something simple, thanks in advance


Hit K for the hotkey menu to learn about the camera controls. ALT + RMB drag is what you want.


Thank you for the reply Thomas, unless I am missing something alt K RMB = Distance. I can get the same thing in the Options/Camera tab using the Distance slider. I have tried every slider position in the options and cant get the bike to stay in the picture when I close the distance.

Like I said, the problem I am having is I dont want a tiny picture of the model, I want the model filling the entire window with a close up shot of the bike in the top half of the window and the floor in the bottom half of the window.

In this program it seems when you close the distance for some reason it moves the model out of window. There is no way to keep the picture in center as you close the distance.  How am I missing this?


Pan the camera with the middle mouse button.


Quote from: Thomas Teger on September 09, 2011, 08:16:16 AM
Pan the camera with the middle mouse button.
I see that in the shortcuts but the shortcut does not work on my mouse for some reason so I do that in the options/camera/focal length. I solved the problem by Right click and "look at object center" It's not exact but close enough for what I want

Problem solved


I had a similar issue with WIN7 and my MS Comfort Mouse not working with Camera Pan (Alt-Middle Mouse + Drag).  The problem was that the Middle Mouse key is also a tilt wheel.  No matter how I pressed it, it would not work reliably.

The fix was to go to the Win7 Control Panel and set up mouse button mapping for a specific program, i.e. KeyShot.

I re-mapped the Magnify Button (red button on left side of mouse) to be a Middle Mouse button (this is in addition to the normal Middle Mouse button).

Panning works 100% now when I use  Alt-red button + drag.



Thanks Ed, very helpful I saw that option in the mouse properties I will give that a try.


That's odd that you use alt with the middle mouse click to pan, I just click it in and drag to pan. Using a standard logitech wireless mouse. Weird though :/ hopefully it is something you can fix in your mouse settings :D


Had the same problem as the OP.  I'm used to the panning controls of SolidWorks.  Which usually has no perspective applied to the view.
But in Keyshot, with Perspective on, every time I try to pan, it also rotates.

Once I turned Perspective all the way down, using Shift+Alt+RMB Drag to the right, I was able to pan, zoom ("dolly") and rotate ("tumble") as I am used to, to get the product into the right position.  Found the perspective control in the K menu mentioned by thomasteger.

From now on, will turn the Perspective off, position the item, then add any perspective needed