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Started by syrom, February 11, 2016, 12:34:48 PM

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Ok.... using 3ds2016 I made a interior scene. Everything is modeled based on real measurements. So i have 3ds at units in inches. So I import everything in OJB format. When i import it to KS6,  theres a option to set the units.  What should I put it in? The options are [inches,feet and even miles].... so im curious in what would be the correct setting? Inches or feet?


OBJ is a unit based format so it don't really carry scale information - However if you have exported as 1:1 scale then KS inches should be happy too



Ahhh.. good info. I use obj since its almost flawless. Only issue is it tends to export in a different size on different software.  Fbx imports sometimes imports with models in different locations