Author Topic: Cylindrical Mapping on SW cylinders  (Read 5436 times)

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Cylindrical Mapping on SW cylinders
« on: August 05, 2010, 08:22:45 am »
I don't know if this is related to the Z up bug in the SW importer or whether this is specific to how SW writes meshes that Keyshot imports, but I cannot get cylindrical mapping to work on my SW imports. Rotating the model within the Keyshot space does not affect the mapping axis. What does seem to affect it is the direction in space that the cylinder is created in SW. Extruding from the Top Plane (Y up in SW (though this is translated to Z up in the Keyshot import bug)) makes the cylindrical map axis pierce the side of cylinder. Extruding from the Front Plane (in the Z direction) gets the axis in the correct direction, but then the mapping is squashed along the length of the cylinder , so you have to guess at the aspect ratio to stretch it back out.

We need some way to be able to rewrite the uv coordinates of SW mesh objects after they are imported into Keyshot, or find some interim step that can accomplish this (preferably free of course).

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Re: Cylindrical Mapping on SW cylinders
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Re: Cylindrical Mapping on SW cylinders
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The stretch is 10:1, so to compensate, if one scale value is 1, but .1 for the other and switch is it stretches more.

If you cylindrical map in SW first and orient the mapping there, you should be able to use just UV coordinates in KeyShot.

We are planning to increase the control of mapping as well.