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Started by ec2638, January 24, 2015, 02:19:53 PM

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I can't find a way to do the following.  Am I missing something or is such not possible?

1. Have a Pattern and Scene Set saved.

2. I updated the file via Update Geometry import of a .ASM file that has a new part in the assembly.

3.  My new part is in in the model as it should be in the original group.

I want to load a saved scene set/pattern and have the newly added part in the set.  The new part does not show up in the pattern/set.

Do I have to recreate the scene sets every time new geometry is added?  If so, there a feature request.  I can't find any way to add this new geometry to the iterations in the pattern manually either, even though it is part of the group comprising the original pattern/set.

Thanks for any guidance.


Hey ec2638,

This is a great question. Unfortunately, update geometry is not currently supported for instances i.e. pattern and scene sets. The good news is that we are looking into supporting this for KeyShot 6.

Thank you,


Thank you for the reply, Rex.  Good to know I was beating a dead horse.

Nice news for v6.  Patterns and Scene Sets are great, and the ability to Add/Update geometry into the existing pattern/sets will only add value.  This should work if the updated geometry is inserted into the same group as the previous pattern/set.

Sounds like you need don't it, but here is the rational:

1. Often designs go though iterations (as everyone well knows)

2. One sets up a nice pattern/set and wants to reuse that with the updated geo.

3.  Furthermore, one wants to retain the previous geo in the set too, so that objects can be turned on/off

Example - you're working on a lollipop  You have the stick and the candy.  Your first iteration has 2 sticks and 2 candies, and your pattern/set allows you to show 10 instances of stick 1 and pop 1, or stick 2 and pop 2, etc, by turning elements on/off.  Later you update geometry to add stick 3 and pop 3, and want the ability to display your 10 instances again with the new geo in any combination of on/off. 

Oops can't. Must make a new pattern/set to contain the old and new geo.


Ok, so I've got a model and it has four different colorways and four different camera angles for a total of 16 scene sets. Not idea, but it's the best I could figure out. It's important that the camera and lighting match between "shots" so each different camera angle has a viewset associated with it.

Now I need to update the geometry. I'd like the geometry to import and propagate across all 16 scene sets, but I imported the new geometry and it just imported to "default." Are you telling me that I need to start over? What are my options other than starting from scratch?