Support for young CG artists - 150 Free HDRi sky maps in 4k res.

Started by HDRi Skies, February 14, 2016, 09:13:43 AM

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HDRi Skies

Happy to announce that my second service ( after with main Idea - Support for young CG Artists - shares now 150 Free Hdri sky maps in 4k resolution,(for commercial use). Most of them are unclamped and real hdri maps with high dynamic range. The range of weather conditions and light is very various, I'm trying not to upload similar sky shots.
Every week I try to add new materials and refresh the collection. In near future I will upload  hdri skies in 20px resolution and supply online cloud library built into KeyShot as well.
Here is the link
Please find a minute to give them a test. ( Quick registration is required, but you can put there whatever you want, only email should be ok)
Thank you.