realflow mesh animation

Started by jarne, December 03, 2013, 09:11:39 AM

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How can your render realflow meshes in keyshot?
Try to export it from 3dsmax as FBX but It's not possible to export the whole animation. any tutorials? kind regards.


Keyshot FBX can only do transformations not deformations and camera animations. This is not a fault with KS, rather a limited API from elsewhere. There is supposed to be a way of doing this with Maya, but alas my trial period expired before i could master it but if you get it right, you end up with a frame by frame animation and a massive FBX file.



It is possible to export from realflow in obj sequence, but I tried to import the animation unsuccessfully with KeyShot 6.1.72

They select the first obj files in the sequence, but it only activates the first frame, do not open automatically all other frames thus recognizing the animation ... like working on afre effects software. Simply select the first image (example: 001.png) of the sequence and the software automatically recognizes other files (002.png - 003.png etc. etc.) and will fully charge the animation.

I 5000 OBJ files that make up a beautiful animation that I want to render with the fantastic KeyShot.
Import 5000 file 1 to 1 hand is unthinkable.
Is there a way to do it automatically with KeyShot 6.1.72?

Thank you

P.s. Sorry for my English are Italian.


Rendering the obj sequence could be achieved using scripting.


but only the rendering, you can not import the animation in the view? Thanks