Author Topic: Why do my lighting materials never get saved, when everything else does?  (Read 2230 times)

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I thought the material template was the material template, and all materials were saved in it.   But just as with 5, when I re-open a scene, I have to scramble to figure out what I did with lights last time. 

I usually pre-place lights in the scene via CAD, so they will always be where I want them.  In many cases, such as interiors, the light is part of some feature anyway.

 And I assign a material to them, complete with color shades etc, in keyshot.  But this information is never saved, even though EVERY other mateial seems to be saved correctly.   It's just lighting that must be laboriously re-entered manually each and every time in every scene whenever it is re-opened.

It seems this cannot possibly be correct.   Could this bea a feature of the BIP file used by Keyshot for 3D Systems?  I can look at the file to see what is listed for those features.   I already found a couple things done wrong by 3D Systems, but since the BIP file is stored by Keyshot after the scene is edited, it seems this has to be a Keyshot issue.

If they SHOULD be saved, what am I doing wrong?   
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