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Started by Vladimir Venkov, May 21, 2016, 03:50:14 PM

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Vladimir Venkov

Hi guys
I came across a problem that I cant resolve. I am working on a character sculpted and painted in zbrush. I currently have only colour texture . I would like to paint specular map as well . And here is where the problem comes. I tried to uv my character and then to paint a specular and export it as a texture, but it seems that the mesh is somehow broken and zbrush crashes all the time. I tried to uv the it outside zbrush but the result is the same. So basically I cant use uvs in this case. I was thinking is there a way to paint another texture  in zb then sent it as I polypaint data to keyshot and use it as a specular on the same object.

Thanks in advance

Vladimir Venkov

Any ideas guys . Is this possible at all?

Chad Holton

Does the color texture come over okay? If so, then just select the specular map after it comes over from zbrush and make UV the mapping type.

Vladimir Venkov

Thanks for the reply Chad. Yes the colour texture is OK. Actually it is polypaint it is not a uv texture. The mesh is broken and I cant have uvs so I can only use the polypaint data. So I have to find a way to paint a specular for the same object sent it as a polypaint data and use it to control the specular in Keyshot. I tried to duplicate my character in ZB, paint a specular on the second one then send both of them to Keyshot and copy and paste the  polypaint  data node of the second one over to the fist one in the Material Graph and plug in it to the Specularity/Specular Color slot of the shader but it doesnt seem to work.