Importing maya camera through fbx,

Started by Nicklas Holmgren, June 14, 2016, 03:12:24 PM

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Nicklas Holmgren


I'm exporting a camera animation from Maya as an fbx file and importing into Keyshot (4.3). The animation works and it's looking like it does the correct translations and rotations. BUT!

Its dolly is super far back from the model, where in Maya the model fills basically the whole viewport - in keyshot when I look through the imported camera the model is centered like it should be but only takes up about 10% of the viewport.

The problem is that I need to stitch two clips together so I very much need the cameras to be pixel perfectly aligned. The camera used for the already rendered clip is in keyshot - but trying to match the dolly, or absolute positions, does not work at all.

I know about adjusting the FOV and stuff that doesn't carry over, that's not it.

The models come from the same Maya scene so everything should logically be the same scale! I have been trying to export and import over and over again for two hours now but I just don't get what the issue is.

Anyone recognize this?


A lot of work has gone into this over the years. Furthermore we now import Maya cameras directly, along with camera and part animations.

As far as scale goes, make sure to check "Keep Original" when importing.