Export from KS and animate in 3DsMax

Started by valentin_valev, September 16, 2016, 12:47:33 AM

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Hey guys...
A big issue right here. I have a 3d model with textures in KeyShot and I have already rendered a few scenes of the product. The problem is that I have to animate a part of the product to rotate around its pivot. I did not find any "Create keyframe" button or smtg in KeyShot, so I decided to export the scene in a file format which 3DS max opens.
What I want to do is export the object from KeyShot, import it to 3DSMax, animate it, save the file, import it back to KeyShot and preserve all the materials and textures applied.
Any ideas how this can be done or any workaround?

Will Gibbons

I would use the animation wizard in KS and apply a rotation to the part. By default it is set to pivot around itself (center of bounding box), so what you do is click on the pivot you wish to rotate around. This can be a helper/dumb piece of geometry that can be hidden later if needed, or if you have a hinge say, choose the cylinder of that hinge and the pivot will be placed at the center of that piece of geometry's bounding box.

Hopefully the attached image will give you enough context to help you out. If you need further explanation, I can see if there's a video on our Youtube channel or explain more thoroughly. However, I don't think you need to animate your part in Max, it should be able to be done in KS.