Import materials from created on Mac version of keyshot into windows

Started by grasshopper, September 23, 2016, 09:55:48 AM

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I'm trying to import a library of materials created on a mac version of keyshot into windows. All i get is the error message that it is not a valid material file (even though its a .mtl) file? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


Chad Holton

Try exporting them from your Mac and copy to the Windows machine:

Under the Library>Materials tab, "right-click" the folder or material you want and select "Export". This will create a KMP file type. Just copy this file over to your Windows machine, open KeyShot and under the Library,  click on the folder you want to import the materials (I recommend a custom folder) and select the import option (beside refresh towards the top of the material's tab) and select the KMP file.


There is a bug in KeyShot 6 which causes it sometimes not recognize valid material files. Try to copy the mtl-file (and any associates textures) into the KeyShot resources folder.