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360 Panorama Animations
« on: September 19, 2016, 08:21:41 pm »
Hi All,
I am trying to use Keyshot to create 360 panorama animations similar to the one published on facebook 360 page or , if anyone have experience with VR , similar to the rollercoaster VR.
I have Keyshot Animation only ( not VR ).
Some months ago I used Keyshot panorama camera to create a 360 Panorama animation and then photoshop to merge all .
Now I would like to create 360 animations  but it is a really huge work without scripts .
Is it a Keyshot VR function?
Have anyone developed some script to automate it?
I think it is simple ( if you know how to do scripting ). Every animation frame need to render a panorama 360. Then merge all in one spherical image and then save all this spherical images in a sequence. Anyone have a script like this?
I hope developers will develop a new spherical camera in next Keyshot release so it will be really easy to create 360 panorama videos with Keyshot.