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Started by Dbo, October 14, 2016, 08:21:25 AM

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Hi all,

I want to know if there is a way to show every parts under a ground surface in one color, no black (and keep shadow on this floor).

I work with heavy assemblies with parts going throught the ground, and I don't want to hide them. The best would be fade or blur for everything passing through the ground.



Just don't use a "physical" ground plane. KeyShot by default has a ground plane built in that catches the shadow, as well as reflections when enabled. Parts that are below the ground plane will keep their color. See example.


Did you mean - using an additional plane as a ground with ground material to cut the geometry?



Hey Dbo-

Here's an alternate method which does use a ground plane. Connect a Surface Backside Mask>(Input) Color To Number>(Opacity) Diffuse material. Set your Environment background color to black. Adjust the "Output From" and "Output To" parameters of the Color To Number to get the desired underground visibility. "Output From" will control the overall visibility, and "Output To" will control the amount of underground shadow. Depending on overall level of opacity, you will want to increase the ground's color value accordingly.



Thanks for answers,

So, is it possible to change color of everything below the "default" ground?

Yes, i have to cut the geometry to highlight ground without hiding what is below this one.

We come closer to my goal, i will try to work by using your method. I tried to work with 2 3d model corresponding to each side of the ground, assembling them, applying grey color to the under ground 3d (this part don't need to be realistic) but can't get the shadow.. With your method, I will have a surface for shadow!




Yes of course. It is part of the model.