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Embed Local VR into PowerPoint - Blank
« on: November 16, 2016, 05:33:53 pm »
I am on my company's machine and network. I have saved my entire VR folder to a local server. I followed the instructions via 'LiveWeb' on how to embed a VR into a PowerPoint. Reference: (

This works great except the embedded VR (via local VR.html) comes up as a white screen. I tried a few different things, one of them being embedding the VR instructions.html onto my powerpoint. The instructions.html is also on the local server. The normal instruction text was view-able within the powerpoint, but the VR image was not. (See attachment)

Since the VR was the root of all my troubles, I tried embedding a VR from Keyshot's website and it worked perfectly. A phone VR appeared and was turn able. (See Attachement)

What settings am I missing? IT doesn't seem to be blocking the ability since the instructional text was retrievable from a local drive.