Putting a decal on ONE side of a transparent material, and one side only

Started by cooper, January 13, 2011, 08:45:29 AM

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I want to apply a decal to one side of a transparent lens.  I created the lens in SW, and used split lines to divide its surface into three material zones on one side of the part so I can apply different textures to thees areas but still have the part read as one material to the eye.

In one of these "zones" I am trying to apply a label.  Only UV mapping gives me the distortion-free result I am looking for, but on the back side of the material, the label is duplicated for some reason - even though the material zone is only on the front of the part and I have not placed a second label on the back of the part.  When I move the label to the left on the front surface, the rear surface label that isn't supposed to even exist moves to the right.  This means I am forced to center the label as that is the only way to conceal the unwanted second backwards label.  From the front of the lens, the label that I want to exist reads left to right.  The label I do not want reads right to left. 

How do I remove the offending label while preserving the solid materiality of the transparent?  I can provide an image but not on this forum.


It sounds like you will need to separate the front surface from the back surface in SW so that materials applied to the front surface have no effect on the back.


Also try unchecking twosided, and also work with the depth parameter. The latter controls the "depth of the projection"