Cameras do not match in KeyShot and Rhino

Started by ENJOY, March 04, 2015, 05:25:42 PM

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Hello Everybody :) :),

I got a major problem and I hope one of viewers could help me.
I would like to get the exactly same view under Rhino and Keyshot.
So I have installed the Keyshot plug-in for rhino. Then set up a camera with the right angle.

When I import in keyshot it specify: location keep original, size keep original and adjust .

In keyshot I select the camera imported from rhino then start my render but the render from rhino and keyshot are not fitting. Have a look on the file attached.

Please somebody know how to solve it. :'( :'(

(Here cannot attach Rhino.3dm file?)



Looks like a perfect match, but the canvas size might be different.


We are looking into it. There's some weird interplay between camera position, field of view and focal length it seems.


Hello Enjoy,

I got the same problem as you see attached 8). And I don't know to how to figure out :o :o :o


I got the same problem as you , when I try to import new elements from a rhino file to an existing bip file created from that rhino file, the scale, position don't match, even if in the import windows, I check:
1. Add to the scene
2. Location: keep original
3. Size: keep original
Maybe a bug from Keyshot?
Any solutions from Luxion?
Best regards


Same with Blender. Multiplying all coordinates with approx. (didn't do a 100% math) 0.974 gives me the result.

But I have a hard time interpreting the camera rotation in KS for Blender. Any ideas?


Has there been any update on this issue? I am able to get a perfect match in orthographic view but not in perspective.