3d models and textures- FREE SF Corridors

Started by Luka3D, March 15, 2017, 02:18:50 PM

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FREE Nice piece of work for your games :)
Collection of over 50 FREE models from 3DModels-Textures (DEXSOFT-Games) production. Textures are downsized to 512*512px, ideal for mobile environments.


FREE Character model

This animated 3d model represents a fantasy troll creature. It comes with 2 textures (body and weapon) in 2048 and 1024 pixels. There are 21 animations.
2608 verts / 3,679 tris
Model contains fantastic LOD version with only 1229 triangles which is ideal for Phone games. FBX file with separated animations.
50 MB DOWNLOAD, 7ZIP file!
Animated model, 23 animations!