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Burnt wood stamp
« on: February 15, 2017, 01:29:44 am »
hello everyone,
I need to create a burnt wood stamp.
I have attached two rather pathetic tries, I did by myself.
it might look "ok" from far away, but I need a higher resolution and the closeup picture looks just terrible.
I have also attached an image of what I am after, although I need a wood texture quite similar to my renders (something like a bleached oak !)
it is hard to find an image that shows what I am after and that is not done in photoshop!
the burn stamp needs to bleed a bit into the surrounding woodsurface and I would also like to have a subtle bump to show some depth, as if the stamp really burnt into the wood.
I am sure my stamp needs better preparation in PS!

anyone have an idea?
thanks a bunch in advance


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Re: Burnt wood stamp
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2017, 04:38:36 am »
Hi designgestalt,

Are you using KeyShot 6 Pro?
Here is a technique you can use when working with the Material Graph.

It requires a bit of setup, but the benefit of this solution is that it is very flexible. You can easily move, rotate and scale the 'stamp'. As well as control the bump intensity and color.

Let me know how this works for you.

A bit of explanation about the nodes...

Color Composite
The 'Source Alpha' and 'Background Alpha' allow you to control the colorization of the stamp.

Color Gradient
This node remaps the B/W input image to the colors defined in the gradient. The left side of the gradient matches black, the right side matches white.

Color Adjust
- Allows you to make color adjustments to an input texture (in this case a procedural 'Wood (Advanced)').
- The Color Gradient texture drives Colorize. The input texture will be colorized by any areas that aren't white in the Colorize texture.
- The Color Composite drives Value. So any grey areas in the Value input will darken the input texture (white = original brightness / black = brightness 0).

Color To Number
Remaps B/W values into a precise range of numerical values. TIP: Press 'C' with a node selected to preview just that node in realtime.
The darkest areas in the input texture map to 'Output From'. The brightest areas map to 'Output To'.
I wanted the debossed surfaces (stamp) to have higher roughness. Since the input is a dark stamp on a white background, I set 'Output From' higher than 'Output To'.

Bump Add
Combines the effect of two bump maps into one.

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Re: Burnt wood stamp
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2017, 09:54:45 am »
hello DriesV,

thank you very much for your fast response.
the result looks very promising.

I would have a few questions for my understanding:
- what is the advantage over  just putting a label on top of the wood material with the same specifications to the label as you did?
- this is a wooden product from a client we have to visualize, therefore I need to mimic the exact wooden finishes. as I couldn't resolve this with a procedural wood (maybe my lack of knowledge), I used an advanced plastic material and created the materials by myself. is there any way now just to replace your procedural wood with my material, or would I have to rebuild your material graph tree with my material (ctrl+drag and drop did not work, as your stamp was not a label)
- the filling of the single letters in the stamp is not totally even, some areas are lighter, some darker. would you create this effect with the artwork created in photoshop or would you put some kind of mask onto the graphics in keyshot.

in my first posting I wasn't able to attach my tryouts (with labels), just for all to see who are interested, I will try again.
from the examples I refered to, the "Jack Daniels" one is the closest to what I am after. in the other example you can also see the "bleeding" I was talking about

thanks and best regards

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Re: Burnt wood stamp
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2017, 12:33:30 am »
Hey designgestalt-

I was inspired to try creating this effect. Check out my post here: