SolidWorks LiveLinking Status

Started by Chris B, February 15, 2017, 03:12:31 PM

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Chris B

Further to quigley's point, we are evaluating rendering packages for our SolidWorks models.

All our models are in SolidWorks.  We have 1,600 renders to do of many configurations and variations.

Fast, smooth workflow, importing files, updating, etc is of paramount importance.

What do you think of the LiveLinking functionality, is it up to this task?

SolidWorks 2016 SP5.0


We have thousands of users that are using the SolidWorks plugin and LiveLinking with models of any complexity on a daily basis. It will be able to handle whatever you throw at it.

Chris B

That's a good insight.  Thanks for the reply.

Chris B

So far livelinking working great.
Absolutely love that you guys made this work for SolidWorks.

One question:
I modified an assembly in SolidWorks.  Clicked "Update KeyShot scene" inside SolidWorks.  But only the first of the two assemblies updated inside Keyshot.  Is there a trick to getting the second assembly to update?


Quick question: you duplicated the door assembly to show off different finishes?


This should work, i.e update both assemblies, if they are indeed just duplicates. Are you running the latest version of KeyShot, SW and the SW plugin? That would be KS 6.3.23, SW 2017, and the 1.2 plugin (check the plugin page, I uploaded it there yesterday)


At work we are running SolidWorks 2010 with the v1.1 plugin (I think it is v 1.0.1 in the dll properties), I see that the requirements for the plugin is SolidWorks 2011-2017. Would it help to update our plugin to v1.2? What's changed and/or updated in the latest version? Has it been tested on SW 2010?


Chris B

That's correct.  Imported two instances of the same assembly to compare the two handle finishes.

Was using:
SolidWorks 2016 sp5
Keyshot 6.3.23
SolidWorks plugin 1.1

Updated just now to SolidWorks plugin 1.2.

Still same behavior.  The first file I bring in will update but the second one will not.
Might be because we are using SolidWorks EPDM (now called PDM Professional) file vault.

Chris B

This photo explains what is happening a bit more.

Looks like it's required to check out all the files we want to update in KeyShot.

Chris B

Hmm, even checking out the wood piece, savit it, and checking everything back in still did not quite work

Chris B

Tested with some files outside the EPDM vault.  Saved on desktop gives same results.


@HaroldL  - We have not tested this with SW2010. We can't afford to test and support the last 8 releases of every major CAD system out there. Thanks for understanding.


@ Chris B - You are importing these versions all via the plugin? Trying to understand the workflow here.

Chris B

@ thomasteger
Yes, correct.  Same results if I push the first model to KS via SolidWorks using the plugin there.
Or import the first file using File->Import from within KS.

Then, since you can't push a second model to KS via the plugin (afaik)
Either use File->Import or  File->Open within KS to bring in a second instance.
Or click the first instance in Scene tab, and click "Duplicate."

The second Open/Import instances don't seem to update at all.
The Duplicated instance updates partially (the part but not the assembly, when clicking "Update KeyShot Scene" from within that assembly.

I'm on the demo version of KS 6.3, if that makes any difference.

Chris B

Import settings.  Selecting "Accurate Tessellation" and "Import NURBS data" gave same results.