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FREE HDRI Environments

Started by gwronkowski, July 18, 2013, 07:44:55 AM

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I'd like to share to all forum members my free hdri maps collection. You can download them for free and use for private or commercial works, but you can' redsitribute them, share etc.
You need to register to download free hdri maps (just put any personal data if you're going to get only free hdri maps if you don't feel comfortable with this, and uncheck newsletter option if don't want it).

I hope that you will find my hdris usefull, athough they are only 5.000 x 2.500 (you can get on my website 20.000 x 10.000 if you wish).


Chad Holton

Thanks and welcome to the forum!  :)


Just added new 12 free hdri maps - you can get them from my website (pls register with valid email)

Chad Holton

Nice - Thanks for sharing! I'll have to snag them shortly.


Just added free hdri skies.
Currently there are only 2 free hdri skies, taken with Nikon D800 with 7 shots x 2EV step for very high dynamic range.
It produces sharp shadows without any tricks.

Free hdri sky no 1

Free hdri sky no 2


You can try to render car usin this new free hdri environment with backplates!

Download hdri

Paul Garcia