Author Topic: Rounded edges (only an AutoCAD problem??)  (Read 1680 times)

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Rounded edges (only an AutoCAD problem??)
« on: April 04, 2017, 02:54:42 am »
Hi Guys,

I have a problem with my model. (I use AutoCAD 2016)
When I import my model into Keyshot, the parts that are supposed to be rounded, get these edges as you can see in the picture..
What can I do to smoothen this out? Is it something I can do in Keyshot or do I need to go back into AutoCAD and fix this?

Thank you
- Chris
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Re: Rounded edges (only an AutoCAD problem??)
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2017, 06:49:00 am »
It has to do with how AutoCAD exports mesh, which (to my understanding) does not always smooth your normals. There may be some users who can shine more light into the AutoCAD workflow.

However, if you have KeyShot Pro, you can try using the Geometry Editor to smooth the normals on your mesh.
-Right-click on the part you want to edit, then select "Edit Geometry" from the menu (second from the bottom).
-Hit continue when you get a warning about editing geometry; this will break updating your geometry.
- Select "Edit Normals" as your Editor Mode, then hit the "Calculate Vertex Normals" button. If it looks fine, hit "Done" and your model should be smooth.
- If it still doesn't look good , you may need to decrease the Minimum Edge angle. Try smaller values and re-calculate the surface normals until you're happy.