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Started by mattjgerard, March 31, 2017, 06:11:43 AM

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I've had this problem on and off, and now it seems to be fully on :)

1) Move around using free camera, find an angle I like
2) Click on the Add Camera button rename to Camera 2 Hero
3) Using new camera, make some small tweaks and change angle a little (or a lot doesn't matter)
4) Save camera button is greyed out and not clickable (want to save changes, but won't let me) sometimes it autosaves changes, but more often than not it doesn't
5) click back to free camera, move around a bit
6) Click back to Camera 2 Hero, and previous adjustments are gone, goes back to original settings before step 3

In order to force save the camera changes, I have to go to the scene tree and right click on the camera and select save. This works 100% of the time. I will try to record a screen test if i can get the IT peeps to let me install a screen capture utility.

(moving from freelance to a full time gig I'm still getting used to someone else telling me what I can and cannot do to my computer)

Any Ideas? I'm running latest KS build on Windows 7 On an HPZ640


EDIT: As I was doing the screen capture, I noticed that if I had my HERO camera active, as I was actually moving the camera around, (unsaved) would appear after the camera name. As soon as I let up on the mouse, the (unsaved) dissapeared. Is that an autosave function? I thought all camera changes had to be deliberately saved. But when the (unsaved) disappeared, the save button was still inactive. I will post the screenshot next

Will Gibbons

Has this been happening in other scenes/files or more than just once? It's definitely not intended behavior. If you've run into it any other time, I'd drop an email to [email protected]


I can confirm I've been having the same issue on 6.3.23 as well. The button will become active as I'm moving the model but once I let go, it becomes grayed out again. It isn't autosaving since clicking on the camera returns me to the view when it was created.

I didn't know about right clicking and saving, I've been creating a new camera once I get the view correct and deleting old ones... :-\


Yep, its pretty much all the time now. Not sure if its something that has gotten worse, or if its something that I am just becoming more aware of. I will get int touch with support and see what they have to say about it.

That being said, I tried it on my home PC running Wn10, and didn't notice it, but I'll have to verify that.

I did a test on my macbook pro laptop, and the issue isn't there. The cameras autosave any changes without clicking the save disc icon in the camera tab. even FOV changes and all that are automatically saved.


OK everyone, got this sorted out with the help of Niko at tech support. Did a great job being very responsive and asking all the right questions. We troubleshat (?) this together over the course of a day or two, and Niko came to the discovery that there is a bug in the undo stack if you have "Include camera moves in undo stack" or something like that. I can't look at the specific wording right now, I'm rendering :)

So, click that function off and the camera behavior returns to normal where I can click on the save camera icon in the camera tab, and it will save the changes to that camera.




I've gotten into the habit of hitting the 'up' arrow on distance under the camera tabe just once, and then hitting 'down' just once (will go up 1 unit and then back to what you had). This makes Keyshot aware there's been a chance (even if nothing has truly changed) and lets me hit the save button.

I feel like it's just been one of those keyshot things that happens, and that's been my solve for it, much faster than going to the scene tab.

I have however, encountered the problem where I will make a viewset (saves camera and environment) and that converts itself to a camera only...that can be annoying!