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Re: Animation frames! Help me please
« Reply #15 on: April 21, 2017, 07:18:31 am »
I have one tip extra:
If you use background render mode instead of standard and let the KeyShot windows keep paused, the rendering for each frame would run faster. This can bring up to 30% faster renderings because the render window gets an own windows process that can be handled with separately priority.


Hi Marco, I don't think this is correct. Whenever you use the standard rendering mode, KeyShot's Real-time window gets paused. The fastest rendering should come from KeyShot's standard rendering mode with 100% of cores allotted (which can be adjusted in the render output dialogue)

Hello Will.

My intention was to help the user(s) and share my ideas. I did several test since hyperShot times. The render speed is not always 30% faster in background mode - it depends on several parameters. Sometime you earn a few seconds and sometimes you get some minutes. (But saving 1 minute each frame by 300 frames is saving some hours)
My last test was a few month ago and I didn't test this scenario in every release. So maybe I'm wrong with the current release? But, I use background mode every time.

So please excuse me if I posted something wrong. Maybe one of the dev team can add a clear comment to this?

And Will: I thank you very much for your last webinar videos. The work of you and the crew (Richard, Dries, Rex, Esben, ...) is very helpful!


Hi Marco, I didn't mean to argue. As far as I was aware, Background mode allows KeyShot to render in the 'background' while you are able to keep working in the Real-time view. In order to keep performance going, I tend to reduce the number of cores available for the background rendering. I tend to leave all my cores available for the Default rendering mode. For this reasoning, I couldn't understand how or why Background rendering mode would be any faster. Hopefully my reasoning makes sense.

Now, that said, I just did a test and was baffled to find that Background mode with RT window paused rendered a near-identical image to the Default mode 51% faster (2:03 vs 4:09). That's a HUGE difference. Especially when rendering multiple frames as you mentioned. I then tried it 3 more times at different resolutions and was unable to reproduce such a difference in render time. Definitely something to keep an eye on.

Glad you're finding the content valuable! It's rewarding to hear that. I'll pass the compliment on. Thanks a ton!

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Re: Animation frames! Help me please
« Reply #16 on: April 21, 2017, 08:08:41 am »
Hello Will.

It is very interesting and keep me always wondering about the positive dynamic in this forum and the direction topics can move. This must been about the users here?!

IMHO the background mode has the benefit, that the rendering (window) run in a separate process. And that is the reason for the time differences. This gives the users the ability to change the process priority via task manager. (I'm not familiar to iOS)

So the background mode gives us the ability to render slowly while working simultaneously in KeyShot or start several render windows (if we want to slow down the entire system). Or the background mode can work with full performance while the real time renderer is sleeping and do the job 'lil faster.

- lesson learned -

enjoy the weekend!