How to add some flare to multiple frames

Started by Chad Holton, January 30, 2011, 06:25:19 PM

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Strange, but I did not get a colorful flares on Diamond as a Cholton

animation ring


Looks to me like it's getting color from the color of the bright spots...

Chad Holton

Looking good John!
To get the bright colored glare - are you using the EXR format? What threshold value are you at?

Chad Holton

Hi John,

I did have a moment to check out your file. I can't get the threshold very high - I do however have a way around that. I will slap together another blender file with more options and a mark-up screenshot to help out with what the nodes mean and upload that here, hopefully before the end of the week. You will have bright multi-colored flares all over the place if you like - it'll be worth the wait.  ;)


Chad Holton

Here it is - how to add the bright spark.

This version you will need two passes:

-The background pass (either single or turntable) - which will be your final render and can be any file type you want (JPG, TIF, etc.)

-The sparkle pass will only be used to add the spark, so just focus on that. If you are doing a turntable for the background pass, then you must do a turntable for this too for the spark to match up with each frame. Render out with the gamma turned down to .5 and brightness at around 1 (of course this depends on your HDR - these values has given me the best results with the default KS environments) . I made my ground plane (an actual ground plane, not the KS one) flat black to render out faster and to take out the HDR ground reflection. This pass must be either EXR or TIF32.

Check out the screenshot below - I only point out what the new nodes do. Let me know if you have any questions.

Enjoy and don't forget to post what you end up with!!!