Newbie question about preparing a model for Keyshot

Started by Involute, February 17, 2011, 11:37:35 AM

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I'm running Keyshot 2.2.33 x64 on Win7 Pro x64.  I prepare my models in Alibre Designer and SketchUp.  I understand that to apply different materials to different parts of a model, the model has to be divided into corresponding parts.  What constitutes a part?  How do you construct a model so the parts show up individually in the scene tree?  My test model imports as a single part so the material goes everywhere.  Thanks.


Actually all KS needs is to diferentiate surfaces.  You can "map" with color; for example a simple cube has six surfaces.  "Color" each surface with a different color, and you can then apply six different KS materials to it.  Like wood on one, chrome on another and red paint on another.  That's the idea.
Bill G