3DS max import/ export tips??

Started by David, August 31, 2010, 06:17:57 AM

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Has anybody got a full proof method for exporting files from studio max to keyshot?

I have been sent a file that has been exported from max as an OBJ,
the problem that i have is that the model comes in as having only three materials.
I have narrowed this down to the fact that all the materials are set up in Vray and keyshot does not recognise them. The file has a couple of standard materials that keyshot recognises.

when exported as 3DS the file has more materials imported but does not recognise sub material assignments, the same thing happens when the file is imported to keyshot with the individual part option selected.

The only solution that i can think of is to convert all vray materials to standard materials??


I'm experiencing the same issues like yours, but the fact that you can't see objects names in keyshot tree happens also with standard max materials. The real problem i have is that i loose texture coordinates even if i include them into the exported file .obj. I'll open a topic for that hoping in an answer from luxion support.



Hi, I had that problem with materials in .obj file and i had fix it  :) . First in 3ds max you need to paint your model with same material(Multi/Sub-Object) and set number of materials equala to how match difrent parts you want to create. Then in object(Editable Poly) menu use Materials ID. Keyshot difrent ID understand like difrent material or object. I hope that was helpful, if not reply to me I make a video or something to explain better  :) . Sorry for bad english.


I'm getting lots of emails lately about this problem so I will try to explain more detailed.

1.You need to fix object for exporting.
  1-Paint your model with Multi/Sub-Object.(Go to your material browser "M",(I use compact mode, to change mode just click on top left corner of window 'Modes'), chose your desired slot and paint object   with it (just drag material from material editor on the object). Then press 'Standard' button in right, middle and choose Multi/Sub-Object)
  2-Now make Multi/Sub-Object materials number equal to parts you want to paint.(Example: I have lights and they need 5 materials 'glass,chrome,blurry chrome,plastic,lights glow' so I make materials number to 5). Number is located in left of 'Set Number'.
  3-Make sure you have editable poly, not mesh, spline, just poly works I think. In editable poly selection tab select polygon "red rectangle" or Element "red box". Go to Polygon: Material IDs tab. Now select parts of one material and change id of it.(Example: We have the same lights and they have 5 materials. So I select glass and make his ID to 1, that means on Multi/Sub-Object material 1 material is glass, I select chrome parts and change them to ID 2 and on Multi/Sub-Object material 2 material is chrome....)  NOTE: All model, scene needs to be in the same Multi/Sub-Object material.

2.Exporting part
  1-Press max button located on top left corner and go to export. In the window select save as type to *.OBJ. In new window present needs to be <NONE>. Change faces to triangles for better result.

And that is all, I hope it helps.  :)


Hi guys,

Is there a solution to this? I have been given a .max file to convert for use in keyshot, but when i import (fbx) it in the model has moved all over the place. Looks like a tornado has passed through. Any solutions?



KeyShot can handle the native Max format via plugin. Find plugins for various 3d applications here: https://www.keyshot.com/resources/downloads/plugins/



I've installed the plugin but doesn't show up in the drop down. Am I missing something?


What version of KeyShot are you using? The FBX import is fixed in KeyShot 6.

RE: plugin - what version of 3DS Max are you using?