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Started by Speedster, March 03, 2010, 06:24:04 PM

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Hi Thomas;

Can you advise?

1)  I have to login every time.  Any way to have it remember me?  I keep telling it to, but next time, no luck.

2)  If I click on a thumnail, a new window pops up saying "I am not authorized to access the Forum (or some such) and I have to login again, usually without success, as it refuses to recognize my valid password and username.

3)  How do we post an image to the Gallery that will not result in a thumbnail.  On other forums it's often like a root canal, but it seems it should be easier.  I used the "Additional Options" > Attachments.  I note there's an "Insert Image" icon as usual, but where to you post to the "[img] xxx [img]?  And, at what size?  I usually use 750 wide.

Thanks, and I'm loving KeyShot!

Bill G


Hi Bill,

@1. My name is remember, even on the iPhone. Did you put the check in the box to be remembered, or even stay logged in?

@2. Not sure - anyone else have this problem?

@3. I changed the thumbnail size to allow for larger images. Does this work better?

I love that you love KeyShot. Make sure to check out the latest update.



My login isremembered when I come to the forum but when I click on 'view all unread posts since last visit' nothing shows up although there clearly are new topics and posts!