Please help! OBJ import question

Started by kpbelsha, June 09, 2017, 08:43:18 AM

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Hi Guys!
First of all apologies, I'm a complete newbie with keyshot really. I have version 5.3 of Keyshot and i'm trying to import an obj into the program but it only seems to recognise
.bip and .ksp file formats, nothing else. It's a fully licensed version of the program, i checked and it has its correct serial number. Is there something I'm missing? Apologies if its an obvious answer I've overlooked but would love some help! I've tried googling the issue but couldn't find anything  :-\



HI Kieran!

Is this version of KeyShot bundled with any other software, for example Solid Edge?


Hey Richard, I bought it at the same time i got zbrush and got the bridge working between them, this was a couple of years back and i've gone back to keyshot to try learning it properly and have stumbled upon this problem. dont think it came with solid edge or anything


You are running KeyShot for ZBrush which only allows you to import data through Zbrush the Bridge. Only the standalone versions of KeyShot allow you to import other file formats.


damn that kinda sucks, so do I have to buy a seperate version of keyshot? I just looked at the prices... wow!  :(