background material and ground reflection

Started by Johnjoti, February 10, 2011, 10:58:42 AM

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Would be cool if 2.2 will have a new opportunity to use the material on background
and regulate the intensity of the ground reflection


Or use a piece of geometry as ground plane ....


when I use the ground plane..
It is very difficult to rotate the camera around the model
In 3ds Max has long solved this problem: the key "Z" zoom all  selecten on screen
In Rhino :  command "Zoom Selected"
Camera correctly rotate around the model

In addition, if there is a ground plane then Turntable turns the camera off-center model.
Something wrong happens with the coordinates and the model is gradually shifts toward beyond the screen



Sounds like you need to adjust the "look at" point of the camera. Right click on a point on your model and select "look at". [Alt + Ctrl + Right click] is the hot key for this.

If doing a turntable, enable the "rotate around environment center" option to ignore the size and shape of your bounding box. Move your main subject model over the center point of the environment to adjust the effective rotation during the turntable.



I downloaded and installed update 2.2.45 but function "pick pivot" is not working, is not correct
Model not located in the center of the screen. And the camera does not rotate around the center of the ring. When I rotate the camera, model moves beyond the screen

A file does not save the recent changes to the camera position.
I save a file with the model on  the full screen. But I open the file, model remained the same (not the entire screen) as it was before to save


Henrik, have you checked my file?
so what of it?


Yes. There is an issue with older bip files where the scale can be off. This is happening in your file as well. We are going to address this issue in our next update. In the meantime you can resolve it if you reimport your geometry.