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WIP; 40 HP Case
« on: March 08, 2011, 11:02:26 am »
Hi all;

Just a few quickies in 2.2.45.  Work-in-progress (much TBD if I ever get some time!) of my new 1912 40HP CASE Steam Traction Engine, ready for the restoration shop.  Modeled in SolidWorks.  Backplates shot at the Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista, California.  Rear wheels 66" in diameter.

With all the new projection capabilities we have to re-think our mapping, as I noticed in this model. Some now need to be for UV, some cylindrical, some spherical, etc.  Also, in SolidWorks don't forget to apply mapping only at the part level, never at the assembly level, as I did recently on a client project.  The KS Team is working on assembly level mapping, but it's down the road.

Still having trouble getting wheels to "sit" on the ground. It's snapped to ground, etc.  I'll put a small flat on them later.

Bill G