Author Topic: Making object invisible to GI & not cast shadows  (Read 2468 times)

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Making object invisible to GI & not cast shadows
« on: June 29, 2017, 02:04:49 am »
Hello all,

Is there a way to make an object invisible to GI and to not cast shadows?

I am a modelling a recessed downlight however I do not want the geometry of the ceiling to affect the reflections / general lighting of the product that is recessed.

I have used Cinema 4D in the past and there are several compositing settings allowing you to do this. See attached picture for settings, please ignore the red box.

Due to the limited ability to vertically rotate HDRI's, I have created a wall that houses the recessed downlights so that light from the HDRI can better light the scene.

If anyone knows of any work-a-rounds or solutions to this I would love to hear them.

Thank you.