filling up a deli container

Started by vickyp, February 08, 2011, 11:33:28 PM

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I'm willing to fill up a deli container with food but I'm not getting there. I'm now using a label in a spherical way to get the image going round on the inside of the container but the image looks distorted. Is there a better way to fill something up? maybe with an extra construction on the inside of the object?




Have you tried cylindrical mapping?



yes I have but the problem is that it is a square like surface so the cilindrical doesn't work. The best method this far is using the box map but this one shows seams in the label so it doesn't look realistic. So if you have another idea?




If the container is square (or whatever) try mapping each target surface in a different color inside your modelling app.  Then apply the same decal to each surface, and shift each until each lines up.  This "should" work!
Bill G


In my experience, if you're "filling" an object with a texture it's not going to look right anyway. The amount of time you spend on mapping it won't be worth a similar final result. It will still look like a label inside a clear container.

And are you sure cylindrical mapping didn't work? Most people fail to tile the image properly. For a 4 sided object you'll need to tile the image 4 times in the U direction. Tiling isn't the most intuitive thing in the world in keyshot however. What you'll need is to turn off aspect ratio, then change scale U to .25 to repeat it 4 times.

It will still bunch slighly more at the corners, but it will hardly be noticeable. You could invert that deformation in photoshop using the warp section of free transform easy enough. It wouldn't be perfect, but pretty close.

Even if you get really close, it's still going to look like a label, so don't spend too much time on it.
If you really want to spend time on it, just fill it with actual objects.  ;)