Rhino - Out of memory

Started by rfollett, March 02, 2011, 01:22:03 AM

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Running Rhino 4.0 SR9 on win 7 x64 ultimate. Large scene. I was getting this error with 6gb ram installed. I now have 8gb . I still get error but what is funny is if I watch the task manager I see it still runs out at 6gb.. Is there a setting for this in Keyshot or Rhino?




I got the "Out of Memory" error every single time each at about 90% of a 3+hr render for a while. I gave up.


How much memory do you have?


Rhino 4 SR9 is a 32bit application, and it can`t consume more than 2 Gb of system memory (even if you have 8 gigs on board or more). If you wish to avoid "out of memory", use definitely Rhino 5 x64 version. This Rhino can eat as much memory as you have. ;)