New HDRI available for download

Started by KeyShot, August 04, 2010, 10:19:24 AM

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We have added a HDRI of our conference room under the downloads section of our webpages. It is an interior shot with nice lighting. It is in the hdz format that KeyShot reads and free for all KeyShot users. Let us know what you think. We have several more coming in the near future.

-- Henrik

Robert V.

It looks great!

Is there a possibility of a backplate being added? (a picture which focuses on the place where the camera stood for the hdri)



Absolutely! We have a number of backplates for the scene that we will add shortly.

-- Henrik


What's the difference between hdz and hdr formats please?
Will Keyshot read both?

Chad Holton

Hi jhiker,

I believe HDZ is a native KeyShot environment image. Haven't seen it used anywhere else...
And yes, KeyShot can read both.


thanks for new environments. they look greats



Robert V.

I really love the extra environments. However, I do really hope that someday the backplates of the zion cafe will be added. Could make that environment much more useful! (backplates focused on an empty table for example)

Brian Townsend

Hey everyone.  We updated the HDRI downloads section of our site. There are some new interior environments with backplates that should be very useful for those of you doing small products like electronics or tools.  Enjoy!


Robert V.


Could you take a look at the "Old bridge" environment? The rar is corrupt. I tried to download it twice, but without success.


These new HDRs are great, but could I ask you to be consistent with the uppercase/lowercase naming.
Many of my existing Keyshot backplates and environments start with uppercase - many of the newer ones start with lowercase and they don't sort properly A-Z unless you rename them (which I've just done).


Thank you for the HDRIs.
I use Keyshot primarily for small engine parts and the Garage and Computer Room are excellent for this.  This has cut my render setup time in half.
Thanks again.