Transfer polypaint to keyshot WITHOUT material information?

Started by ghostweeble, March 18, 2015, 03:37:07 PM

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Hello, I made an account to reply to this. I'm having the same issues as GhostWheeble. Your fixes Soren don't help at all unfortunately. The color adjust node doesn't do anything. Also, my nodes aren't called "vertex color" nodes, they're called "texture map"

Also, your tip to change texture type to "vertex color" isn't even possible. There's one option that it's on currently called "matcap+vcol"(even when I send the model over with no material).
i'm using "keyshot 6.3 pro for zbrush"

Honestly, it simply feels like this wasn't beta tested with an advanced artist user that regularly uses zbrush and keyshot. I've ran into so many issues with keyshot bridge it's extremely frustrating, I regret purchasing, and it wasn't cheap.

Bugs I've experienced:
-materials don't update properly. There's like ten different ways to reproduce this. If you send a model to keyshot, tweak materials, then go back to zbrush and edit the model and resend- all your materials get bugged in 5 different ways, even if you don't rename or move any subtools(if you do, it breaks it even further)

-polypaint doesn't come over as just a texture, it brings matcaps. I'm using a nice renderer. I don't want crappy matcaps, ever. Why is this even default behavior??? I simply want to use my polypaint texture for texture slots. Can't for the life of me figure out how to seperate the vertex color simply. I want to use the materials in zbrush really as just IDs for parts of my model.

-Documentation is embarassing, unless I'm using the wrong kind, which I got from help>manual within keyshot. - the material parameters don't match mine, and the parameters they do explain are very "surface level," not deep, and don't include any pictures to show differences in say translucency depth or whatever.

-tried to submit ticket, and it never loaded. Had to write my ticket twice, to again not have it load. It was stuck with a rotating circle for over 5min. I guess I'll just use this program in hacky manners and paint a bunch in photoshop.

This is really ranty, but seriously hire someone that's a professional working in the film industry/game industry, listen to his feedback, and fix this half-baked keyshot bridge stuff. I've spent like 1-2 work days now sending emails to get help that doesn't help at all, or is simple as "try reinstalling." At first I thought my program was bugged, but after going through support/question forums here and on pixologic, the program simply doesn't work as advertised. Iteration and having materials work perfectly is vital to this bridge. Not recommending this product to anyone until it works as advertised.



Thanks for the feedback, Dylan. Have you contacted Pixologic's support hotline for this? Pixologic has developed the bridge and should be able to address these concerns.

I will also contact them and make them aware of these issues.



Hi Dylan,

To access the Vertex Color texture you should change the texture type to Vertex Color (not the Mapping Type where "matcap" is written). Vertex Color is located just below Spots in the Texture type dropdown in the section "3D Textures".

The underlying issue is that the vertex colors sent over from ZBrush does not using linear RGB. This is compensated by "Contrast = 1" on the default texture map. If you switch to use Vertex Color directly, you will get the non-linear RGB values as the texture. By apply the Color Adjust node with contrast = 2 (this is essential), the same compensation is applied to the Vertex Color [the need to use a different contrast value for texture map and color adjust is historical and unfortunate).



Soren, you are awesome. I was a total dope and was doing what you said, that works!!! I have received further support from both keyshot and zbrush and solved most of my issues, and will definitely be recommending this product to people. I apologize if I initially came off rude, you guys rock.